Monday, January 25, 2010

Why a War? Battles are for Bulges and Fights are for Kids in Brooklyn (ya ya I know, I used to be a kid in Brooklyn)

The question was asked why Sarah’s War?  My simple answer is it just seemed to fit. 

Truth is I hated how battle sounded. It reminded me too much of something that was a long drawn-out large scale conflict. I truly hope with all my heart that what Sarah faces is neither drawn-out or large scale. Besides, it seems to me that you always hear of someone losing their battle with something.  

Growing up in New York City only crazy cab drivers and kids on playgrounds picked fights. This is a fight no one would pick.

The dictionary listed the following definitions for the word war:
serious effort to end something: an effort to combat or eradicate something harmful
That sounded right to me, we are going to declare WAR!


  1. Well this is one war "Sarah" won't fight alone! We will give her all the support and love she needs. We love her and miss her and are keeping are fingers crossed for the best.

  2. Aunt Lenore and I just want you guys to know that our prayers are with you. If there should be anything we can do to help you have but to ask.
    Our love to "Sarah"